Celebrate #CoPublicLandsDay With Us!

We are so proud that Colorado is the first state to officially recognize Public Lands Day and we’d like to celebrate by giving back to the land that has inspired so much of our music.

We’re hosting a trail clean-up party #TrailRevival to kick off the week of events in support of Colorado Public Lands Day.

  • We will be working on the trail along side you
  • All participants are entered to win a pair of VIP tickets to our Red Rocks show on May 21 + a deluxe outdoor gear package from our sponsors
  • There will be an intimate acoustic performance to close evening

Register and you will receive detailed information about the trail clean-up prior to May 12th including location and details instructions to prepare you for the gathering!

This wouldn’t be possible without the amazing work and support of our non-profit partners: Conservation Colorado and Wildlands Restoration Volunteers and our Colorado outdoor brand partners: Zeal Optics, Osprey Packs, Stonewear Design,
and Avery Brewing Co..

#CoPublicLandsDay – Why This Day Counts

Public lands are crucial to our way of life and economy in Colorado. They are a defining part of our heritage, identity and unique way of life. This new state holiday is intended to encourage all Coloradans to get outside and enjoy our unparalleled public lands. Our public lands are vital resources providing clean water, protection of wildlife habitat and offer vast recreation opportunities which in many cases can be accessed for free. After a full week of events, the first-ever Colorado Public Lands Day will be celebrated on May 20, 2017.

Find a Colorado Public Lands Day Near You:

Share Your Memories From The Outdoors by Tagging #TrailRevival

We’d love to see your fondest memories of where trails have taken you! Tag #TrailRevival and caption photos telling us why you’re grateful for the time spent outdoors. We will collect all of your experiences and feature them over the next few weeks as we gear up for a magical night outdoors at Red Rocks on May 21st. We will give away a pair of tickets to one of the photo entries and will announce the winner on May 15th!

Why This Matters To Us:

Why preserving our environment is important to Elephant Revival?

Bridget Law: Our Environment is the fundamental phase of existence; clean air and water are the building blocks for life; and enjoying these qualities keeps us vibrant, healthy and creative which is how we make the world we live in more magical.

Darren Garvey: I am fortunate to have traveled around the country a great deal when I was growing up.  I had been to all 48 states by the time I was 19 and camped at a large variety of national parks. The land that’s been set aside is such a godsend, but for me, it has always extended much further than that. Not only do we need to preserve the open space in our protected lands, but we need to be conscious of how we’re approaching our urban spaces and everywhere that humans inhabit.

Most importantly, I want my daughter to have the opportunity to enjoy the natural world that surrounds her. I want her to be able to breathe quality air and drink clean, fresh water. I don’t think this is a lot to ask and it should be something that concerns everyone across the planet. As our population continues to grow we need to work together to make sure that we approach urban planning, industry, and waste management in a thoughtful way that doesn’t compromise our environment and natural resources.

Dango Rose: The environment, when we get right down to it, is all we have.  Our bodies are made up of mostly water and our breath does not exist without air.  Everything is inter-related and there is no sustenance without the rich dark earth and all the life that lives upon it.  The environment is the essential element to our existence.  Therefore, keeping it healthy and clean is the most important commitment we can make as visitors here, upon this earth.

Charlie Rose: The task of preserving the environment is seemingly overwhelming when you look at how big the problem is and how insignificant each of us could be in the solution. The trick is to do whatever you can to decrease your own impact while encouraging others to make those changes in their life. Leading by example and setting a tone in the world that there is hope to improve the situation and that it takes small changes and actions by all of us. Humanity has become increasingly distant from a healthy natural life, gravitating towards endless information and instant gratification; we have lost touch with our place in the natural world. The rise of physical and mental maladies that result from poison in our food and environment and ubiquitous but hollow connectivity are a symptom of a greater problem. The ability to discover, create, and manipulate technology is one of the most significant talents of the human species, yet with it comes responsibility not to destroy our home.

How has nature been an influence in your personal life as well as the creative process when creating music?

Bridget Law: Nature recharges my being from my roots to my branches. Nature revitalizes my mind and spirit as I breathe, walk and indulge my senses in all of its beauty. It brings me peace when I’m unsettled, consolation when I’m lonely and if I’m quiet enough…I can hear its song and share it with others.

Darren Garvey: I’ve lived in or just outside of Chicago my entire life and it’s very easy to look past nature. There were always so few places in town that you could stand and not see something man-made. I think that’s part of the reason I love traveling so much. And the reason my friends and I would bring guitars and drums to fields and forests and bluffs and streams and basically road trip wherever we could find a place of inspiration. I have fond memories of writing music on the lakes of Wisconsin and Minnesota, campsites deep in Yellowstone and Grand Teton, the red rocks of Sedona, the beaches and forests of the Pacific coast, and the outer banks of North Carolina. My mom started the recycling program in my neighborhood growing up and so reusing, reducing waste, and recycling has been an important part of my lifestyle. Even now, I’m learning a great deal more about being environmentally conscious on the road having joined Elephant Revival. It’s such a thrill to work alongside musicians with similar ideals and exciting to know that we have a much stronger voice together.

Dango Rose: The environment, when we get right down to it, is all we have.  Our bodies are made up of mostly water and our breath does not exist without air.  Everything is inter-related and there is no sustenance without the rich dark earth and all the life that lives upon it.  The environment is the most essential element to our existence.  Therefore, keeping it healthy and clean is the most important commitment we can make as visitors here, upon this earth.

Dango Rose: There have been times in my life where I have lived deep in the mountains.  Each morning I would awaken and take slow walks upon river trails, where I would connect with my surroundings through all six of my senses.  It is here that I learned to slow down and to appreciate the subtle beauty and interconnectedness of all things.  Simply stated, nature is the greatest teacher, and by spending time in reverence and respect to her, she can also be the greatest healer.

Charlie Rose: Nature is the place you can see the truth of the universe in all of its beauty and brutality. As we see more and more evidence of our planet being tainted with pollution and trash from an increasingly “modern” human culture it is self-evident that the onus of reversing this trend is on each and every one of us. We can hope that our technology will save us from ourselves, but in the meantime, we must take the initiative. Nature is the one place you can go and let your senses recalibrate. When I’m feeling overwhelmed or in need of inspiration I like to go some place that has trees and moss and rocks and water and just listen. There’s music in everything, and the truest source of inspiration I’ve found is in the voice of the natural world.

What makes playing at Red Rocks Amphitheatre an experience of a lifetime?

Bridget Law: Red Rocks is possibly the most inspiring place to play a show—on Earth. The slope of the audience funnels the energy onto the stage and looking up from the stage is absolutely invigorating. This cycle of awe creates an intimacy and sharing that is rare in such a large venue. It’s as if everyone in the whole space can feel each other because we are nestled in a cuddle thanks to nature and these amazing Red Rocks.

Darren Garvey: I attended my first Red Rocks show in 1996 and was completely changed. It’s the epicenter of nature and music joining forces and there’s something special about this natural amphitheater that elevates the fan and band experience. The energy within the huge rock outcroppings and natural open-air structure pushes the music to a new level…it’s the most gorgeous outdoor venue I’ve ever been to and an absolutely insane place to perform. We’re extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to share our music with fans, friends, and family under the Colorado night sky at Red Rocks yet again this year.

Dango Rose: People have been gathering at Red Rocks for thousands of years.  The fact that it exists in its natural form, in this way, is astounding.  Beyond the incredible concerts that have been occurring here for the past 75 years — it is the ancient wisdom of the space that is mesmerizing.  The feeling that is shared by concert-goers and performers alike, goes beyond all words….

Charlie Rose: Red Rocks is one of the most amazing and unique places I’ve had the privilege to play music. Perched on the edge of the mountains, overlooking the vast plains, you get a sense of the scale of our planet. When you are in the middle of something it is easy to lose perspective, but where things transition you can see and feel contrast, which is dynamic and musical.



Join us at Red Rocks

Sun May 21, 2017

Elephant Revival

With The Oh Hellos, Mandolin Orange

Music starts at 5:30p and will conclude by 10p