Tour Dates
    Produced by Sally Van Meter

    Engineered by Mike Yach
    using DSD Technology
    at Immersive Studios

    Mastered by Gus Skinas
    at Super Audio Center
    in Boulder, Colorado

    Art by Bonnie Paine
    Graphics Assistants:
    Jared Ferraro
    Bridget Law

    Assistant Engineers:
    Steve Vidaic
    Garth West
    Ryan Hudson

    Elephant Revival's new album "It's Alive" was recorded using an analog console and Sonoma DSD PURE recording technology. DSD has the sonic character of analog tape and is a far departure from the "digital" sound of CD's and MP3's. This is in part due to the very high sample rate, which is in the millions rather than the thousands like existing MP3's and CD's. This is also in part because DSD does not use digital "words" like normal digital audio. DSD is a pure one bit sigma-delta representation of sound.

    One very obvious attribute of DSD is that the quiet passages have all the integrity of the loud passages; Unlike digital audio where the quiet sections of music suffer from too few bits at to low a sample rate. Another attribute, and probably the most important, is that what you hear is far more believable than audio that has been digitally processed. We believe the reason for this is that the sample rate is closer to Infinity - which is where true analog sound resides. Thus, there is less unnatural temporal distortion to the music. When the music is believable, the emotion in the music has a more powerful impact.

    In the future, this music will be available as a pure DSD release which will demonstrate the attributes just mentioned; But even though you are listening to a CD or MP3 now, it benefits because the master sounds better.

    It's Alive - Gratitudes

    We are all fortunate to have loving, supportive families that have been very much a part of the creation of this wonderful community.
    Thank You!

    Sally Van Meter, Gus Skinas, Mike Yach, Mickey Houlihan, Immersive Studios, Theresa Kratzer, John Joy, Sarah Ferraro, Shaun Wall, Josh Brinkman, Sue DuMond, Heidi Labensart, Jared Ferraro, Jon Eisenberg, Phil Einsohn, Artifact Concepts, Sean MacAskill, Eric Peter Abrahmson, Vince Herman, Randy Crouch, David Tiller & Enion Pelta Tiller, Josh Hyde, My Tea Kind, Michael Royer, Jesscy Heimer, Guisepi Spadafora, Phil Dyer & Susan Eisman, David Enke of Pick up the World, Jason Bowerman of Bowerman Guitars, Doug at Brightwood Music in Nederland, Nechville Banjos, Andrew White of White Guitars, Fluxtone Amplifiers, Dango plays a David Gage Czech Ease Travel Bass - Alpha Model. Thank you to all those who provide a space to share live music experiences.

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